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We provide air-sim airport, navigation and other information using X-Plane data. We are actively developing this site so a lot more features will be coming in future.

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ATC Manager 2

A web based air traffic control game. Manage airspace of busy airports like Schiphol or Heathrow in a realistic simulator.

ATC Manager 2

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ATC Manager (App)

ATC Manager is a realistic Air Traffic Control manager which features a variety of real world airlines and aircraft (all with their own specifications) dynamic runway use, infinite flights, different speed settings and an easy to use interface.

ATC Manager 2


  • Commands to speech ability
  • Editable content (create your own airplanes & airports)
  • More realistic flight behavior
  • General Aviation (GA)
  • More interesting weather dynamics
  • Scenario‚Äôs
  • ATC log
  • Time limitations
  • Better penalties system
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Air Control Madness

Air Control Madness is an ATC (Air traffic Control) sim. Which puts the job of handling incoming traffic, in your hands.

Air Control Madness

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